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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Airport biometrics and national ID card

An hour ago, Amanda Vanstone announced biometric security at Sydney Airport and snuck in a mention that a national ID card with fingerprints on it would be a jolly good idea. (Source)

Thankyou Comrade Vanstone! Now it will be a little bit harder for people to speak out against our Glorious Leaders in an UnAustralian manner!

This country is getting ever more ridiculous. Already our government and police have far too much power over our freedom of conscience.

In Soviet Australia, leaders vote for YOU.

One thing that bugs me about biometric security is that they have no idea what to do with that information - they just want it "in case". There is no good use for it! It's not "secure" and it's not useful - just one more thing to use to harass darkies with beards or funny hats.

Checking a police record to make sure a person's ID is legit is a great idea. If you think a person should enter the country on a valid passport, then by all means check the international database of passports to make sure this one's good.

But a national ID card is a really weird idea. I was very young during the Soviet Union days, but I remember grown-ups saying stuff along the lines of "You need to have an ID card and hand it over at any time and if you don't have it they can take you away" - everyone was glad to bring Russia the freedom to be anonymous. Also, "You aren't allowed to criticise the government and if you do they take you away" was often heard - criticism is considered suspicious behaviour here too.

And the Australian police already have the ability to quietly take you away.

In a police state, the government has more power than the people electing them - the "democratic" system begins to resemble feudal government with the occasional "vote" that is more of a frightened "Yes, glorious leader, you're just the greatest!"

Feudal systems can work if the king is good but of course there's always the possibility that the peasants may be left without bread and regularly beaten. Same goes here - our government has created a police state and then said "It's OK - we're benevolent dictators and not ever going to use the power we insisted on having. Of course you can't have that written into the Constitution! Don't you trust us?"

I'm assuming they're just confused. They've got a lot of silly technical stuff taking up their time and the beurocracy doesn't really advise them on these matters. So why not help them to understand all the issues by writing to them?

Your representative will be pleased to take your concern to Parliament.
Your Senator will be delighted to inform the country of the problems with current law.
Amanda needs edumacating.


  • At 2:55 PM, Blogger shrover said…

    Immensely depressing isn't it, this slow slide into a police state.

    Also today the High Court ruled that the Government had pretty carte blanche on what it advertised. It was only a relatively small decision in the scheme of things (and frankly I don't really object to the Government's workplace relations proposals that were the subject of the case) but each one of these, and there have been so many since 2001, is a further enhancement of the power of the Government.

    At least in the US and the UK there are vocal constituencies that will defend the long tradition of civil freedoms that anglophone countries have. Here there is nothing, only civil libertarians who spend half their time trying to spring rapists from gaol.

    So so depressing.

  • At 11:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    So Shrover, will it be a small affair or a full church wedding for you two?

    Seriously though, post some pics of your tits Rocket, that way this site will hold my interest for longer than 30 seconds because, lets face it, nothing you say is remotely interesting.

    Still, you're a law student, you'll get used to that I'm sure.

  • At 1:18 AM, Blogger jude the obscure said…

    Lovely...biometrics and national ID cards...isn't it horrible, how only the scary totalitarian sci-fi ideas ever actually happen, never the fun ones? Where's my flying car, people?

  • At 7:51 PM, Blogger Rocket said…

    When did I say I was a law student?

    Anyhoo, it's not a tits blog - there's plenty of that available already. It's a fashion blog with a little bit of whatever else takes my fancy. Perhaps I'll put my tits on my other blog if I think it'll make good cover art. Although I don't think it will.


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