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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Bold is the new black

Since spring has been a flurry of frills, baubles and patterns, it's time to take a more leisurely and elegant approach to summer dresses.

Simple dresses with little details here and there are the most exciting thing to buy right now. Single-colour dressing is making a huge comeback, with colourful stripes reserved for lounging around at home.

Black is still required in Melbourne, I suppose, but elsewhere, you can wear all sorts of interesting colours like chocolate brown and peacock blue.

The more interesting shops are dropping out of big patterns and scribbled-on shirts (bogan alert triggered to anyone still wearing scribbles) and instead filling their window displays with single-colour dresses with subtle rouching, tie-around waists or small frills.

The summer casual feel is felt through the simplicity of the dresses and the lack of silly adornments. Do not attempt to dress up these frocks with too many beads, baubles and sparkleys. A simple beaded necklace or small drop pendant should do the trick.

I love the return to simple colour and shape. It looks practical, but it also looks absolutely gorgeous. Star Trek designer Robert Blackman always preferred to put women civilians into just one or two colours.

If you've got a figure you're proud to flaunt, then choose a sheer fabric and go with it.

If you feel your shape is best dressed in something more conservative, try sticking to two closely related colours and going for a more flattering skirt and blouse set. Look for something tailored that shows you as curvy rather than frumpy.

Happy dressing and happy summer!


  • At 3:48 AM, Blogger jude the obscure said…

    It's fascinating to see how Australia's fashion seasons are reversed to ours. Though in San Diego, color is never out.

  • At 8:59 AM, Blogger Rocket said…

    Then you'd hate my old haunt, Melbourne, where colour is never in. Everyone wears black. It's just understood that black is the uniform.

    I think the interesting thing is that until recently, colour has been used in patterns, with sparkly bits and doodads. To see big bold splashes of colour is a welcome change.

  • At 10:52 AM, Blogger jude the obscure said…

    I love color, the stronger the better--puts me in a much better mood than black. I'd never cut it living in NYC or, I guess, Melbourne.


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