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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Australia's previously sexiest movie star accepts blood money

As a previous fan of Sam Neill, I'm horrified at the fact that he's about to become the face of animal killing in Australia.

Eating vegetables can be sexy, too:

Meet the lettuce ladies
and Broccoli Boys

You might be surprised
who is a vegetarian..

Aboriginal affairs in the news

I was surprised yesterday to hear in the news that a little Aboriginal community had experienced riots and vecome so out of control they had decided to impose a curfew and that there was a proposal to cut welfare payments to Aboriginal parents who don't send their children to school.

Why was I surprised?

Because these are not Aboriginal Affairs issues! It is great that they have a cultural liason to the white Anglo majority who live in the big city and make decisions that affect them, but this is a scandal that should be addressed by the ministers in charge of police, education and social security!

The fact is that if you live in the outback, you are going to be ignored by the city-dwellers who make the laws. Aboriginal villages are particularly sad, because they try so hard to make life better, but they get marginalised and treated with contempt, passed off to the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs to make a sympathetic comment. There was a RIOT in their town, and they get a sympathetic comment rather than more police!

As for the matter of children not attending school, well that's a disgrace. All parents should be compelled to send their children to school, and prison sentences are a strong possibility for parents who are found to have failed to try. Education in the country is bad, in the outback it's worse, and selective statistics singling out the most remote Aboriginal villages for low attendance (but ignoring the fact that outback Anglos in the same miserable conditions are also likely to make the same decisions) smacks of protectionism, imposing strict conditions on the poor black people who can't even civilize themselves and letting the nice sensible white people become as feral as they like.

There is no doubt that we have a number of cultures with different solutions to their problem. The answer is not singling out groups for special laws to be passed down from the Commonwealth, it's a carefully planned Federalism in which the governing body at each level makes decisions appropriate to their role. The Commonwealth is supposed to create the conditions by which people are given social security payments based on their needs and goodwill. This blogger calls for more careful consideration of what those rules will be (for everyone)!

Friday, March 10, 2006

New richest list

Well, the new rich bastard list is in, and once again, Bill Gates tops it at 50 billion-odd, which is about 8 billion more than the guy who came second.

Now I don't begrudge him getting rich by selling utter shit. I don't buy the rubbish he sells, and hence he's not getting rich from the fruits of my labour. If someone else (indeed, a lot of someone elses) decide to spend $400 on a bunch of office software when they can get better stuff for free, then that's just too bad for them. But, I do have a serious problem with the way he will go into a small or poor country, tell them they have to pay a lot of money to fill their infrastructure with his feotid pile of software, leave a big-name small payment (Like $400 million to fight AIDS in India) or just a number of threats, and keep the money rolling in for years, while all the private citizens buy "the official software of (owned country)".

And then he becomes harder to stop because of all those self-started rumours about how he plans to give away 95% of it to end world hunger and disease. Well, Bill, why not put your money where your mouth is?

Thursday, March 09, 2006

New-look Gorgeous

After a lovely Summer break (actually, not quite: I've been sick but I'm doing well now, although busy!) I'm back to write about fashion, lifestyle and news.

I'm probably going to put in more stuff about news, science and politics, but it's going to be interesting science to make you attractively well-informed, human interest stories that Marie Claire would love if they weren't too busy blowing up their articles and writing "emotional" at the top of them, and just enough politics to bring a few surprises.

Even the most beautiful of all look so much better when they're well-informed, after all!